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Turkey Hunt tournament

How it works:

  • Support our non-profit fundraiser by registering prior to the start of your states turkey hunting season.  
  • Follow the steps below to enter into our fun turkey contest fundraiser. 
  • Step 1: Purchase your turkey license and tag(s) within the state(s) you are hunting. 
  • Step 2: Review our turkey contest rules
  • Step 3: Register for our turkey contest rules either online or by mail
  • Step 4: After harvesting your turkey submit your submission form with proper pictures. 

See Our Rules Below

Listed below you will find a list of our divisions, rules and entry fees.

Participants can register now and until their turkey season closes, ideal to register prior to the start of turkey season in your state.

Event Closes May 22 

Winners announced May 24


Four Classes:
  • Youth 1st time hunter *17 and younger
  • Youth *17 and younger
  • Adult 1st time hunter
  • Adult 


Cost Per Participant:

$15 Youth for 1 entry or $25 for two turkeys
$25 Adult for 1 entry or $35 for two turkeys

Youth 17 and younger.

Each participant must be the one to pull the trigger.

Prizes will be announced soon.  We are currently collecting all prizes from the RAFD Turkey Fundraiser Committee. 

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Most common Turkey Tournament Rules

Review our turkey  contest rules

Most Common Questions:

1.Participants, Eligibility and Registration:  The Raised at Full Draw (RAFD) 2021 spring gobbler contest is open to anyone and everyone who registers for the contest through our website.  Each participant must be of sound mind and body and physically and mentally able to participate in this competition of outdoor skill.  A properly completed entry form along with entry fees must be received by Raised At Full Draw (RAFD) through the website registration application process by May 22  to qualify to participate.  All registrations must be completed prior to any harvest of a turkey. Any entries received after that date will be considered as a secondary application and subject to secondary application fees. ANY AND ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AND NON-TRANSFERABLE REGARDLESS OF THE DATE OF CANCELLATION. 

4.Hunting License/permits and tags:  Each eligible RAFD participant is responsible for a the purchase and possession of all required resident or non-resident HUNTING LICENSES, PERMITS and GAME TAGS required by the state(s) in which the hunter’s harvest is located. By submitting the registration form the participant acknowledges and agrees to comply with all state and federal hunting rules and regulations.  The participant agrees to hold harmless Raised At Full Draw (RAFD) for any and all illegal actions committed by the participant.  In the event a participant does not have a valid license, the participant will be disqualified for our contest. RAFD will also work with state and federal officials to make sure that all rules and regulation are being follow and that all licenses, permits and tags are being acquired. 

12. SCORING: All birds will be measured according to the following process.   All measurements are taken in 1/16-inch increments and converted into decimal form. Using a tailor/seamstress cloth type tape measure: 

Longest measurement: Birds will be measured from the tip of the tail to the snood or beak to the nearest 1/16”whichever is longest.  This will be converted to decimal form. 

Spurs measurement: Spurs will be measured along the outside center, from the point at which the spur protrudes from the scaled leg skin to the tip of the spur. Both spurs will be added together, and the combined measurement of both spurs will be multiplied by 10. 

In the highly unlikely occurrence of “double” spurs, only the longest spur will be measured on that leg.

Beard measurement:  The beard will be measured from the center point of the protrusion of the skin to the tip of the longest attached hair and multiplied by 2.   (extra points, 2 for double and 3 for triple) 

In the event of a multi-bearded bird, only the longest attached hair of the longest beard will be measured and counted towards the total points scored. Non typical, multi-bearded birds, will not receive extra points for additional beards.

Note, in the NWTF scoring system, non- typical Turkeys (birds with multiple beards) will be added together for the total "Bird score.” However, in order to omit or alleviate any potential "luck” of a-typical or non-typical genetics, RAFD does not honor or recognize multiple beards or spurs as an aspect of a participants total score. 

Overall: The length of the Turkey will be added to the points scored by the spurs and the beard for the total score.  All ties will be broken by spur size.

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser. 

For questions regarding the fundraiser please email and your email will be forwarded to the Turkey Fundraiser Committee. 

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