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About RAised At Full Draw

                                                               CHANGING LIVES IN THE IMAGE OF HUNTING ONE ARROW AT A TIME.

What is Raised At Full Draw?

We are an organization dedicated to exposing youth and adults to archery, bowhunting and outdoor education. For the purpose of getting closer to nature, conserving and managing wildlife to help maintain healthy populations.

Raised At Full Draw (RAFD) was established to help reduce the declining participation of hunters nationwide. RAFD believes in having a direct positive impact on the future of hunting to help increase  and retain hunters.  One way for the organization to do that is with a hands on approach and interaction through the means of bowhunting. In order to meet our mission, RAFD offers hands on educational hunting camps to youth ages 12-17 in various locations across the country as well as Outdoor Retreats for Women and a newly established family camp.

 Our mission 

Raised At Full Draw's mission is to teach the proper skills, techniques, strategies, and ethics of hunting. RAFD pledges to have a positive impact on youth, individuals, families and the outdoors. We strive to develop role models that can educate others on the vital need and importance of having hunter's in the world's ecosystem

The goal of our camps is to pass knowledge and techniques on to the next generation, and allow them an opportunity to learn in a safe and hands on environment. In addition, there will be a focus on how to hunt responsibly, effectively, and learn all of the other attributes of ethics, morals and values that come along with spending time outdoors. The goal is for the participants to exit camp as skilled archers, but more importantly they are to leave with an appreciation for hunting and the outdoors as a whole.

Our camp follows the curriculum of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) book which is titled “Today’s Bowhunter”.  Our camp daily schedule consists of stations for each chapter in the book and nightly activities that will directly relate to the lessons that where taught earlier in the day. Participants that need or want a bowhunter education certificate, will have the opportunity to leave camp with a bowhunter education certificate that is recognized within their state and internationally.  This certificate is different than your state agency's hunter education certificate. 

The organization was founded by David and Karin Holder, who have a passion for the outdoors, hunting and sharing the experience with family, friends and as many people as they can.   RAFD has been able to grow from a camp in Iowa and Montana, to camps in Illinois, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin and most recently Michigan.  Starting in 2018, RAFD begun offering an outdoor women’s retreat in Iowa called R.I.S.E. that focuses on Reaching, Inspiring, Supporting and Empowering women in the outdoors.  In 2020, RAFD was hoping to offer our first family bowhunting camp in Iowa however with COVID we have had to cancel our family camp in addition to many other camps.

We strongly believe in the ethics, values and heritage that hunting can instill in the next generations.

About the nonprofit

Raised At Full Draw is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Winterset, Iowa.  We offer a variety of camps around the United States. 


Headquarters: 1221 E Buchanan St. Winterset IA 50273

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Raised At Full Draw is an official 501(c)3 registered in the State of Iowa. 

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