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Monarch, Montana   OVERNIGHT YOUTH CAMP 

Raised At Full Draw
Monarch, Montana

      July 4-7, 2024

Hosted at Camp Rotary

Age: 12 – 17  

Cost: $250 per camper
Type: Overnight 

Each of our RAFD camps are unique to the location where they are being taught. The Montana camp has been taking place since 2015 and we were previously at the Cobb Ranch.  In 2021 we moved locations to Camp Rotary just outside beautiful Great Falls, in a small town called Monarch, Montana.   As you travel into the mountains, below snow capped peaks, and in the heart of a dense pine forest, you will find one of the most spectacular and rewarding camps ever offered.

Camp is focused on a variety of species. Due to the plentiful and diverse ecosystems and species offered in western states this camp works extensively, but not exclusively on spot and stalk techniques. Along with treestand and ground blind setup, safety and survival  is taught to prepare our young new hunters for any and all types of conditions and situations We also cover in detail the art of finding your game after a shot, when and where to take that lethal shot.

The 3-d course consists of a minimum of 20 targets varying in species from bears to bulls, carp to canine. The targets are strategically located to teach the best skill sets in hunting. Shooters will be faced with  all sorts of situations, uphill, downhill, in cover and in the wide open, but always in an effective range for a quick clean shot.

Participants will be asked to turn in their cellphones and disconnect from their electronics. We continue to teach ethics and values of our heritage, raise and lower the flag each day and pray when we eat.  

Participants do not need their own bows and arrows!  If they do not have archery equipment we provide it to them during camp, just let us know on the registration form.   Participants will stay over night in their own tents and will need to bring their own sleeping gear (tents, sleeping bags etc). Just like archery equipment, if participants need assistance with tents please let us know. 

If you’re looking for the most hands-on and informative hunting camp you have ever imagined, you have come to the right place.  Turning today’s youth into tomorrow’s future. Welcome to Raised at Full Draw.

Register online by June 24th.
If registering late please email us at 
and see if space is still available to attend. 

Registration is first come first served, based on the date of receipt.

An agenda and other key informational items including reminders will be provided ahead of time to each participant that is registered.

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