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Volunteer Benefits                                                                             Volunteer today     

Whether you're passion is hunting, or you just believe the youth of today could use some good old fashion one on one time, in the best classroom ever created, the outdoor classroom. Raised at Full Draw is looking for your help. Dedicating your time today will positively affect hunting tomorrow. Thank you for considering Raised at Full Draw as a place to leave your legacy.

 We have various volunteer areas that we can use your help at!   Currently, a large portion of our volunteers are assisting at our camps.  We could really use the assistance with the day to day operations and administration (forming committees, fundraising, reviewing documents, accounting, lawyers, event planning etc).   If that’s not you, its okay.  We will always need volunteers at each of our camps! Camps is what everyone sees, and each volunteer is important to our mission in various ways.

Camps: There are many ways to volunteer at our camps (from teaching to mowing).  Our volunteer form is very specific to camps.  We do require background checks at all of our camp locations if working with youth.   If you are interested in volunteering at camps here is the link: Camp Volunteer   You will be able to select options such as: Instructor (teaching sessions to the participants) Cook, nurse, helping with the bowhunter education test, range officer (watching students shoot), pre-camp (mowing, setup) etc. 

Board Members:  A good nonprofit has an active board. Individuals with previous non-profit experiences will help us navigate the proper procedures and how boards should operate.The board act as our steering committee.  They vet the issues and help narrow the board’s agenda down to the most important topics. RAFD requires a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer with board of directors. Our by-laws can be found on the website.  If you are interested, please reach out for more details. 

Committees:  We have many "behind the scenes" opproutnies that keep us going beyond camp season.  For most non-profits fundraising is their primary activity. Committees include: FundraisingFinanceWebsite, Marketing and promotions / Public Relations,  Nominating CommitteeUpdating / Reviewing DocumentsGeneral AdvocatesCoordinating volunteers and Bloging. 

3D Tournaments: One way for us to promote our camps is to host 3D tournaments in our "off season".   We need volunteers to help us setup, take down and  score 3D targets.  If you like shooting archery this would be a great fit for you!

Background Checks:  A background check must be completed and a copy provided to us for anyone assisting at a youth camp. Click here to complete the Youth Camp Background Check and then email a copy to 

10 Reasons to Be a Volunteer

1. Connection: You are connected to a larger group banded together to produce positive results for hunting.

2. You Will Make An Impact: The participants attending will be looking up to you and will take in everything you teach them.   Volunteering gives you the chance to contribute back to hunting!  

3. You Will Learn Something New: Every year we hear our volunteers say they enjoy listening to different stations as they pick up a new tip here and there.  You may even learn a new skill such as improving your leadership or teamwork ability.   

4. Contributing to something you believe in: There is no better feeling than sharing a hunting story with someone.  Have you been able to get out of your standard day to day routine?  If not, it's amazing to get out and help others while believing in the same mission.  There is a sense of purpose and a boost of personal accomplishment that comes over you and by the end of the program you are ready to do it again.  

5. Networking and Making Real Connections: You have many opportunities to network with outdoor enthusiasts, building your contacts, sharing ideas, best practices and solutions to enhance your hunting strategies, you may even find opportunities for career enhancement, etc. Networking events range from a large number of Camps to 3D Tournaments. 

6. You Will Get Inspired: If you haven’t been around teenagers lately, try asking the question where does your food come from?  You may be surprised in the response receive.  Some may understand the values of hunting but others, the ones we also want to reach, may respond the grocery store.   Once you hear from multiple individuals saying the grocery store, you will be obsessed in helping them understand the true answer of where does their food come from.

7. You Can Travel: We have camps in multiple states.  You may have always wanted to visit a location and what a better way to make RAFD’s camp a road trip for you and your family. 

8. Leadership Opportunities: You are provided opportunities to learn and practice leadership and management skills that you may need for both professional growth or self-promotion.  Opportunities are available not only during camp but on the RAFD Board, various committees and special projects.

9. Recognition: You can be recognized or can recognize your friends for their achievements in the many hours and years in volunteering.  At times, we do receive extra product from partner organization that we provide as a thank you.

10. Empowerment: You are part of a larger community.  You are empowered to get involved in issues that affect your personal hobby and your quality of life.  Getting involved keeps you active and ready for the next adventure in the woods. 

Thank you to those who currently support us in many different ways!   You are such an important part of Raised At Full Draw, and we hope you all know that! 


                                                               CHANGING LIVES IN THE IMAGE OF HUNTING ONE ARROW AT A TIME.

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Raised At Full Draw is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization headquartered in Winterset, Iowa.  We offer a variety of camps around the United States. 


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